50 States Of Love by Jasinda Wilder Street Team Signup!

Jack and Jasinda decided to launch a new 50 book series NEXT MONTH! Yes, you read that right, 50 books! Jack thinks they both might die before it is complete, but Jasinda am determined to prove him wrong.
You can preorder the first book, PREGNANT IN PENNSYLVANIA, now exclusively at:
A fifty-book series exploring the various popular romance tropes while taking a tour of our fifty United States, each story is set in a different state and features bits of local lore, concretely placing each story in a setting local residents will recognize immediately.
The first story, PREGNANT IN PENNSYLVANIA, explores the accidental pregnancy trope, set in small town Pennsylvania, a “roll up the sidewalks after 7pm” kind of village where everyone knows everyone else, where gossip is woven into the fabric of the community…where a newcomer is watched and scrutinized, and where a single mother is already the subject of much gossip and debate.
With fifty states and fifty tropes to explore, each novel will be a standalone, readable and enjoyable without having to have read any of the others, but the series as a whole will maintain a thematic and stylistic feel…making them highly collectable as well as endlessly re-readable.
Thank you for signing up for this Street Team, we look forward to working with you!
Jasinda and Jack
We will be running this team a little different. With ONE book a month we are going to be busy. I will be making a separate Facebook Group for this team and if you are sent the email invite, you are added to the team! Most information I'll be done in the group, rather than email.
We will be sending out swag packs for the series, surprise giveaways, and ARC information each month.
If you are an active blogger, or instagrammer, or know someone who is, and loves romance, this team is for you.
There will be no kicking out, unless you are sent an arc and don't review. Each book will have a separate sheet for you to indicate if you are going to be able to review or not. That way we give you ample chance to stay on the team.
We want to create as much buzz as we can for this series.

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