A Destiny in Sapphire by Jessica Florence

Jessica did it. I wasn't sure how this novel was going to wrap up the trilogy and not leave me screaming at her for more, but it was the perfect culmination of this series.

Not that I don't want more, because I do. But I loved it. These characters are the kind that stay with you long after your have read the book. This is the type of series you can read over and over again because each time you pick up something new. 

I cannot wait for more in this world even if this Arc of the story is over.

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Destiny has been preparing me for this moment since I took my first breath. Unfortunately, if I don’t embrace the path I’ve been created for, Destiny will withdraw that breath.

I’ve traveled countless miles only to realize I had the answers all along. I battled ancient creatures, evil men, and brought magic back to the Fae realm. I have many enemies whose knives are aimed for my back.

Despite everything, I’m desperately trying to get back to my mate, my family, and my kingdom. A brutal war is coming to destroy everything I have left, and if I fail, all hope of a new world will be surrendered to an infinite age of darkness.

*Cover to this epic conclusion of Sapphira’s story, coming soon