A Faerie's Revenge by Rachel Morgan


5 Stars |Goodreads|Amazon|

Well, I did NOT see that coming. Did you? Calla's world is falling apart at the seams and there isn't much she can do about it. With Nate back in our picture and things getting crazy Calla has to make choices she never thought she would have to make in order to protect those she loves, and the world. Someone is trying to change the past. Or, well, make the future they WISH had happened, a reality. This means for some more chaos. Revenge is the perfect world to describe what so many characters are pushing for in this book. Things I never even considered are brought back to light. This novel is filled with betrayal, revelations, and characters going through trials that would break any one of us. There were parts that I just cringed and wanted to reach through the pages and hug them. This book reminded me of a meme I once saw about a reader taking the characters away from the author because the author wasn't being nice. This is that book. I just wanted to rescue everyone and hold them tight and safe. But OBVIOUSLY that didn't happen and Rachel eventually managed to leave me gasping with an ending to end all. This series was hot and cold at the same time. It has you second guessing yourself and what you feel with the turn of every page. The rules have changed. I LOVED IT! Okay, I need book 6 like, NOW. So can someone make that happen?


Still reeling from a shocking revelation, guardian trainee Calla Larkenwood finds the threads of her world unraveling further when she’s accused of a horrifying crime she didn’t commit: A deadly magical disease has entered the Guild, threatening to wipe out every guardian—and someone is intent on framing Calla for it. With the Guild Council focusing their investigation on her instead of searching for the real criminal, Calla watches her dream of becoming a guardian rapidly slipping away. Time is running out, and as the lines between good and bad, right and wrong, begin to blur, whom can she turn to for help?