A Pack of Love and Hate by Olivia Wildenstein

SO it is here and I refuse to accept that it is over. Can we beg for a novella a few years down the road? I am not above that. Just saying. But this might b my favorite trilogy ending ever. That is saying a lot because I read, A LOT. Olivia left us hanging with that ending and now we dive literally right back in where we left off. You know, with everyone making TERRIBLE decisions? Yeah. That spot. This book as everything I needed it to be though. SO much happened there was so much brought to light and where I thought Olivia might have to rush it or leave some things hanging but I was wrong. She answered literally every question I could think of and did it in a perfectly packaged way. By the end of the book I was HOPING she would leave some stuff hanging to come back to so I could beg for more. She didn't though. This book took all the issues we had looming and let everything play out with so many twists and turns that by the end of it I had no idea how she did what she did. I rambled. I'm sad the series is over. This book was a huge 6 stars and we got all the hunky wolf we wanted. Add to Goodreads


ONLY ONE CAN WIN. Volunteering to duel alongside Liam Kolane against the ruthless Creek Alpha could get Ness killed, but the alternative, leaving her hot-headed Alpha to die alone in the dueling ring isn’t an option. Not even when he places ridiculous conditions on her, like not spending time alone with August, her intended mate. Ness didn’t want a mate, but that was before August stepped back into her life, before he picked up the scattered pieces of her heart. Between their shared history and the magical tether that binds them, Ness finds herself falling dangerously hard for the sexy shifter. But Liam’s heart is on the line. A heart that still beats for Ness. Only one man can win her love, the same way only one Alpha can rise from the duel. Let the fight begin...