A Pack of Vows and Tears by Olivia Wildenstein

You have NO ideas how happy I was for this to pop up on my reader!! I DEVOURED every single book she has ever written and then begged for her new release.

Okay. Whew. I can breathe. Sort of. Then I think about this book and the ending and the feelings and I can't breathe again and I think I need wine. Ness and August and Liam and Shifters OH MY! But really, this book did not play out AT ALL how I thought it was going to. I swear I spent as much time enthralled with the plot, as I did yelling at the book itself about the romantic side of the storyline because OMG THE TWISTS THAT HAPPEN. I can't talk about it. They are all spoilers Spicy, spoily, spoilers. (Not a word. I know.) But okay guys. so much happens in this book and I could not stop reading. I devoured this book in a matter of hours. I loved how much Ness grew in the story and how much we got to learn about each fo the members of our favorite gang. You have no way to prepare yourself for the twists that are going, so don't even try. Just dive in and get lost in this read.

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In the seductive follow-up to A PACK OF BLOOD AND LIES, Ness Clark’s heart and legitimacy are again put to the test. She thought the fight was over but it was only just beginning. Ness Clark's place amongst the Boulders and at Liam’s side is compromised. First, when her cousin claims Ness helped him elude his death sentence. And then, when August Watt, Ness’s childhood friend, comes home to Boulder. Although August’s plan was to pledge himself and return to active duty, he finds himself incapable of leaving. This becomes problematic for Liam and Ness, because a mating link has clicked into place between Ness and the ex-marine. If not consumed, the link will fade, but that’ll take months. How long and hard can two people fight a physical attraction that renders their bodies unreceptive to anyone’s but their mates? Ness is tired of fighting, tired of having to prove herself worthy of her pack’s trust and of her Alpha’s affection. But when an enemy pack arrives and threatens the Boulders, she has two choices: step aside and let the wolves who have pushed her away fend for themselves, or step up and help them fight the newcomers. Ness has never stepped aside…not for anyone. Why would she start now?