A Tragic Wreck by T.K. Leigh

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Meg's Review:

I was super lucky enough to get to read this in the ARC time frame. My gosh if I would have had to wait till release day. I don't know if I would have lasted. The first book in this series kick me on my butt. So much going on that just grabbed you. I did a lot of "Keep calm Meg, T.K will give us answers" while reading. She did. Then she ended the book and we were left anxiously awaiting what was left in tow for Alexander and Libby. This book pick right back up after ABM. Olivia ran. She picked up and left again. I think she kinda of needed it though. Alexander on the other hand did NOT need her to run. He wants her back and he will get what he wants. Both characters have a lot they are battling in this story. They both have a lot of demons they need to face and life it finally throwing some light in the shadows. Alexander may be in love with Libby, but his life is in shambles without her. He doesn't stop looking, but he has a past that isn't far behind him and it comes by the name of slutty chicks and man whoring. Olivia is running and doing what she does best. She's starting over. Either temporarily or for good. I honestly dent' know what she was thinking most of the time. This book kept you going page after page. You couldn't put it down. Either with frustration or passion you can't stop. T.K weaves your heart into this novel and its a wonderful and emotional journey.

Amy's Review:

Thank goodness we received an ARC to read immediately following A Beautiful Mess. All I can say is, A Tragic Wreck was equally as moving.
A Tragic Wreck pics up immediately where A Beautiful Mess leaves off. Alexander is searching for the woman who has stolen his heart. Olivia is hiding from life, from love, from everything. Alex and Libby revert to old habits and find them self both in a bad situation.
Libby has always just ran. When the going gets tough, she is out. Feeling too strongly for Alex she flees to Florida. Sitting alone day after day, she is so lonely. Meeting a local surfer, she hopes this new friend will pull her out of the slump. She begins running again, she beings playing music and she starts to hope her pain is over.
The only thing Alexander has ever know was women. Sleeping with them, domineering them and pushing them aside to make room for the next. Unfortunately when Libby flees from Boston, he is heart-broken. While his staff searches for her, he finds himself comforted by an old flame. Alex knows his heart still belongs to Libby, but what do you do when the one person you love tosses you to the ground and stomps on your heart?
I stood up and cheered with everything I had hoping Alexander and Olivia would work things out. If they started being honest with each other, totally honest with each other, would they be able to stay together through thick and thin? I was praying the answer was yes.
Dreams that Olivia has had since a child, since losing her parents start to change. These dreams are morphing into imagines of a time she no longer remembers. Questioning if these imagines are true, she starts to question everything.
I love the way this book kept me engaged the entire time! It will be a long five months until the last book in this trilogy is released and I can not wait until I read those pages. T.K. Leigh has done it again. I will be recommending this book to everyone!


How can you continue living when you’re living a lie? How can you convince your body to stop feeling, your soul to stop caring, and your heart to stop beating?

Haunted by her past, Olivia Adler flees Boston for a beach in Florida, leaving everyone behind, trying to shut the world out. Remaining a relative recluse in her self-imposed prison, she tries to turn everything off, wanting to feel nothing. But a new acquaintance won’t let that happen. After being away from Alexander for a month, his voice constantly ringing in her head, reminding her that her inability to confront her demons will not only destroy her, but also him, can she really be expected to want to feel again when it brings nothing but pain?

Back in Boston, everywhere he turns, Alexander Burnham is reminded of Olivia… His Olivia… He tries to dull the ache left in his heart the only way he knows how… in the bed of a beautiful woman. But Alexander isn’t about to lose his Olivia. After a clue comes to light regarding Olivia’s whereabouts, can he convince her to return to Boston with him? When a force that has laid dormant for months resurfaces, can Alexander still protect her from the unknown danger? And when Alexander comes face to face with a shadow of both his and Olivia’s past, will he be able to tell her the secret that is threatening to tear them apart?

A Tragic Wreck is the continuation of T.K. Leigh’s heart-breakingBeautiful Mess series.


“What, Alex? What do you want?” Olivia asked, choking the words out through her tears. She crossed her arms over her stomach, trying to keep herself warm. She felt Alexander approach behind her, the familiar electricity present.

“What do I want?!” He grabbed her shoulders, turning her around to face him. “Haven’t I made myself perfectly clear over the past several months?!” He ran his fingers through his hair.

Olivia stared at him, tears streaming down her face as she leaned against the brick building.

He slowly walked up to her and placed his hands on either side of her head, leaning over her. “You, Olivia! I want you!” he exclaimed passionately. “I want you every second of every day. I want the good. I want the bad. I want the sweet. I want the ill-tempered. I want the hot. I want the cold. I want the crazy, irrational, exasperating pain-in-the-ass girl that I love with my entire fucking heart.” He took a deep breath before lowering his voice, the look on his face sincere. “I want the sexy, beautiful woman that makes me whole, Olivia. And I am not going to stop until you admit that you love me. I know you do so stop running from it. You’ve been running from love all your life. It’s standing right here in front of you, embracing you. What are you so scared of?” He stared into her eyes as they searched his, looking for an answer. “What are you scared of, love?” he whispered in her ear.

“What do you want me to say, Alex?” she asked quietly.

“I just want you to tell me how you feel, Olivia. The truth.”

Several intense seconds passed as Alexander stared down at her, bracing for her answer. Her eyes traced over his face. His green eyes were so full of sadness. She could see the hurt all over his body. He looked good, but there was something missing from his usual spark.

“Okay!” Olivia shouted. “I love you, Alexander! Okay?! Is that what you want to hear?! You want to hear how I want to get married and have beautiful babies?! Because I do! I love you so fucking much that it hurts!” Tears continued to fall down Olivia’s face as Alexander pulled her close, stroking her hair and kissing her head, trying to calm her down.

“I’ve loved you since I saw you running that day back in August at Boston Common. And then I started to love you even more when you came and adopted Runner. I loved you so much that I ran from you. I fell in love with you even more when you came after me and found me, begging me to come home with you. And then it broke my fucking heart when I saw you with another woman because I loved you then, too.

“And every day I spend with you, I fall even more in love. And the days we’re apart, I feel like I could die from the fucking heartache because I’m missing such an important part of me. It feels like I can’t go on breathing or surviving when you’re not with me, and that’s what I’m fucking scared of. I’m scared that you’ll leave me, just like everyone else in my life that I’ve ever loved, and I’ll never survive.”

She cried into Alexander’s chest, soaking his suit jacket. “I’m scared to death to love you, but I’m more scared to walk away from you,” she sobbed out. Giveaway

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Meet the Author:

T. K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is a producer / attorney by trade. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, dog and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). She always had a knack for writing, but mostly in the legal field. It wasn’t until recently that she decided to try her hand at creative writing and is now addicted to creating different characters and new and unique story lines in the Contemporary Romantic Suspense genre.

When she’s not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found running and training for her next marathon (of which she has run over fifteen fulls and far too many halfs to recall). Unlike Olivia, the main character in her Beautiful Mess series, she has yet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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