After by Anna Todd



Sooooo, I don't have much to say. I was equally in love with this book as much as I was aggravated by it. I Loved how I couldn't put it down. It was written well and I truly loved getting lost in it. It was a 5 star purely because I became so obsessed with reading it that I finished in under an hour. SO much to obsess over.

What drove me nuts was the cycle of destruction. I felt like the characters didn't stick to their guns and it was toxic choice after toxic choice. I want to just scream at them to go see a therapist because they really needed to have someone explain these choices to them and the repercussions.

Maybe that part of my feelings is all the college psychology and therapy classes I have taken jumping to life, but I want to jump myself into he book and talk some sense into ALL THESE people. Lol.

In the end I devoured it, and ever if the characters drove be nuts, the story was great and I am hooked.


Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She’s got direction, ambition, and a mother who’s intent on keeping her that way.

But she’s barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is cute and different from what she’s used to. But he’s also rude—to the point of cruelty, even. For all his attitude, Tessa should hate Hardin. And she does—until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites within her a passion she’s never known before. He’ll call her beautiful, then insist he isn't the one for her and disappear again and again. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper and find the real Hardin beneath all his lies. He pushes her away again and again, yet every time she pushes back, he only pulls her in deeper. Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin’s prejudice about nice girls like her? Unless…could this be love? Now newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd’s After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet’s most talked-about book for yourself! There was the time before Tessa met Hardin, and then there’s everything AFTER ... Life will never be the same.