Age of Magic by Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh

THIS WAS EXPLOSIVE! I can't wait for whenever book @elise.kova delivers next because her worlds are completely addicting. This was EVERYTHING I wanted and I can't wait too see what comes next for this world!

They did it again and it was PERFECTION! I could not have seen his ending coming a mile away. Legit it took me by surprise and I adore that fact about it. I had all of these theories and BAM, I was wrong.

Okay. If you have read the other 3 novels in this series you HAVE to give this novel a shot because I promise by the end of it you are DYING for more tales in this new and exciting world.

We all know that sometimes with a series you have to build up a bit to get into it, for me this was not the case. Each book in this series felt like a new adventure and the forth novel, well that was a new ball game.

It felt like that moment in a movie when the world opens dup and the characters find out they have been living like under ground and there is a WHOLE WORLD TO EXPLORE!

Key the exciting music guys because this world packs a punch! Welcome to the Age Of Magic.

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A new age has dawned. Will Jo be its savior, or its downfall?
The Society is over and its members are now free in a new world. But freedom is not what it seems, and their true enemy is still at large.

Joining together one last time, the members lend their magic and knowledge to Jo to finally put an end to the madness of Chaos and finally free Snow. There's no easy path to victory, and securing the future of the new Age of Magic may cost Jo everything.

Will her plan be enough to finally end a divine war that has spanned across thousands of years? Or is this new Age of Magic merely a precursor to the final Age of Oblivion?

Age of Magic is a full length fantasy/paranormal romance novel that's the third book in the Wish Quartet, a four-book series that establishes the Age of Magic universe. It's perfect for readers who love time travel, twisty slow-burn stories, and steamy (sexy) romance.