All The Things! Customer Survey Updates!

Recent Updates: 6/6/2022

-More Perks!-We have heard you and added a few more perks to the rewards list!

-Megan, NO MORE BLACK!- We are adding more shirt colors to future (and past) designs! 

-Tank Tops in larger sizes are in the works!

-We Need Book Recs!- You can find book recommendations on the Blog Post portion of the website!

-WIll You Sell Special Edition Books? We do not carry signed items of books and don't have plans for this in the future.

-Bookmarks? Prints? More Stickers? We have some new items in production that we think will fill some of the requests we are getting regularly for the budget friendly shopping option!

-More General Bookish Designs - We have LOTS of genre variations and general designs coming! I was just in a Dark Romance mood this summer apparently.

-Color Charts for Clothing- This is in the works as well. Darn Bella Canvas and their weird names for colors, we will email when we have this available in the listings. It is a slow process to add it.

-International Sizing Guides are coming. We will email when they are fully loaded.

-Other Shirt Style Options- This is in the works! Stay tuned for a big announcement this fall!

-Different Brands - We have tried out a few brands and the overwhelming response was to continue to carry XS-5X in as much as we can, while still keeping the quality up. We currently stock the Golden Softstyle and Bella Cavnas. Unfortunately not all brands feel the same way with sizing. We have chosen to stick with the companies that carry the most diverse sizing available to us with our fulfillment center, while also providing the highest quality possible. We are working on adding more option in the future!

Do You Do Giveaways or Discounts?

Yes we do, monthly giveaways in our newsletter and frequently on our instagram. We have Rep Discounts also on our instagram!

My Items were in the cart and then they sold out!

We have searched high and low, but no shops that we have spoken to have found an integration that doesn't have major glitches to rectify this problem. Unfortunately sometimes it is just luck of the draw. We do our best to anticipate quantity needs and are constantly reevaluating stock orders to combat this. We are sorry you have missed out on an item.

Why is the Shipping SO HIGH, you said it was discounted!

Well, we do the best we can, and shipping rates went up 30% this year. Rather than raise our prices more than we already have, we implemented the lowest shipping possible, while also eating a good chunk of the cost ourselves, the rates you are charged for shipping are a flat estimation and typically are only 50-70% of what the actual shipping costs. We promise we are doing our best on this front. International shipping is a doozy but we are constantly trying to find lower cost methods that don't take 3-4 months to arrive.

You only pick big authors!

So, something I pride myself on, is that Novel Grounds is filled with books and authors that I personally love. This company is just me at the end of the day. I can only read so many books. Some are definitely more popular than others, but 90% of the authors I work with are Indie authors, because thats who I read. I work with authors that I personally have read and loved and when you guys fill out the yearly surveys, I take into consideration who you request when making my TBR. So I am sorry our lineup wasn't what you expected, but you can trust in the fact that we only work with authors we have read and loved and that list is constant growing and changing.