All The Ugly Things by Stacey Lynn

I got this stunning package In the mail and decided this novel was next on my list. I really loved it and now I'm dying for book two!

I LOVED Lilly. She was strong and brave and I was Here for rotting her on. Hudson. Yeah, I was here for him too but in a completely different way. These two had chemistry that jumped off the page and the author crafted a storyline that had you as enamored with the plot line as much as the actual romance between these two.

I could not put this novel down. It was unique and anticline and the slow burn between the characters about leave you read to scream.

This book was highly addictive and beautifully crafted. I cannot wait for book two.

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One night changed everything.

In a single breath my entire future was ripped away.


Now I’m left simply trying to pick up the pieces.

Endless nights waiting tables in hopes of keeping a single piece of the dream I left behind.


He came for pie with dark eyes and a cocky smile.

But those eyes saw more than they should.

Past my walls to all those secrets I’d long buried.


That should’ve been my first warning.

I should’ve said no when he offered me a job too good to be true.

But I said yes.


Slowly friendship sparked to something more. 

Stolen moments became an obsession neither of us could kick.


Hudson gave me more than I’d ever dreamed.

So much of what I had lost.

A home. A family.


I should’ve known it was all a beautiful lie.

I should’ve known he’d only leave me with all the ugly things...