All We Are by Sonya Loveday

This series is ALWAYS the perfect blend of everything I love. I want an attraction that has me curling my toes in anticipation, a little bit of action, and characters that BRING THE SWOON! Ive been waiting for this book and it was just as sweet as I knew would be. If you have been on this wild ride with The Six, then you are with me. Josh needs his HEA and I am 100% shipping him and Ella. I need for them to just get down with it and be happy. Throw a ton of action and a little bit of gasping, and this book BROUGHT IT Y'ALL! UGH I don't want this series to end. Add to Goodreads Buy On Amazon:


Life hasn't been the same since returning from Barbados. Josh has fallen. Hard. Unable to shake the feelings Ella stirred up in him, he retreats further into himself. He can't tell her how he feels, because even if he did, it wouldn't change the fact that she's married. Complicated is an understatement for Ella as she works through her own personal hell after finding out her dead husband is, in fact, alive and in hiding again. But life, and work, must go on. An undercover job on a four-week cruise should be an easy mission for the Cole Enterprise operatives. Unfortunately, the client is one of Ella's childhood friends, which leaves the pair wishing they'd come up with something other than being engaged as their cover. Playing the part may just hurt them both. Falling in love is never easy. In fact, it can sometimes be downright painful. No strangers to pain, Josh and Ella find themselves at the crossroads of duty and love. Lines will be blurred. Hearts will be broken. And all that they are will be tested.