All We Were by Elizabeth Grace and Michelle Lynn

Holy twisted tales y'all! This was messy and sexy and full fo so much angst I almost broke.

This is a one of a kind story that absolutely blew me away. I am DYING for the next read!! I legit could not put this book down. I read it through dinner, and up late past bedtime. There aren't many books that do that for me, but this one did it. Lilah and Jinny were flipping amazing. The back and forth with them on top of the history had me all over! Darkness and self destruction on top of a twisted past? YOU NEED THIS READ. Emotionally it broke me. Completely. I am sitting antsy waiting for the next book because as a self confessed lover of broken reads and characters that need to get their lives together, this one did it for me.

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Will I ever stop hurting the one person who’s never hurt me? I’ve done things I can never undo. No matter how much I wish I could, sometimes the wounds I inflict are too deep, too catastrophic, too septic to heal. As I look into the eyes of the only man I’ve ever loved I know I’ve gone too far. I’ve finally crossed the line. Even if he knew my reason for doing this, he’d never forgive me. He always puts my needs before his own. Now it’s my turn to protect him. None of that matters though because the betrayal and disgust in his eyes comes from deep within his soul. There’s no coming back from this. He will forever be tormented by what he’s seen, and he will never forgive me. The last fragment of my heart to hold out hope that we’d share a future, withers and dies.