Always Mine by Kennedy Fox

Okay guys. I didn’t think I could love a story more than the first duet in this world. But they did it. They did it and I’m dying for the next part.
We finally get it. Liams story guys. I know. I have been waiting for it as long as you have and it was completely worth the wait. You see into the characters so much in this book. I feel like KF went the extra mile to dive us deep with these two, and it completely adds another level to the reading. Also, I know I’m babbling I’ve been battling a migraine for a week, and I STILL read this entire book in one sitting. Then I had to get my thoughts down because that ending about killed me. I am still a bit raged over half the stuff in this book and swooning over the other half. So ya know, typical KF fashion. prepare yourselves and dive it!