An Oracle Among Hounds by Lola Glass

IT WAS PERFECT! This novel was perfection.

I didn't know if Lola could weave it all together in one novel but the absolutely did it. It took the characters on a wild ride and I was not prepared for it.

The characters all go on their own hard journey in this book and a lot of truths have to be faced but at the end of the day they faced the problems as they arose and they came out on top.

I can't wait to read more in this world because I refuse to accept that we won't get more. I loved all the races and the lore that Lola took and made her own in this book and she left it wide open for more stories.

If you are a PNR fan then Lola Glass is for you. This is in Kindle Unlimited too, so give it a shot!

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But it turns out, there's more to being Fate than just seeing visions and changing things every now and then.

When I took the old god's power, I also took its responsibilities.

Add in my newfound immortality, which requires proving myself to Serberus the way he proved himself to me… and my vow to the unicorns on top of that, and my life just got more complicated.

Did I mention that another one of the old gods is after me?

Yeah, things are really getting interesting.