Another Postcard by Elle Christensen


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This is another of those books that took me by surprise. I thought I had the ending figured out and the author threw me for a loop. A rockstar romance that has so much angst you will be bursting at the seems as much as our leading characters are.

Brooklyn and Levi don't have the easiest story, and once I finally got to the end I took a deep breath because my heart hurt for how things played out. It was a book I read start to finish because I HAD to see where the author was going to take it. I will say that by that 70% mark I had it all figured out and even then, it took turns I wanted to see to the end.

Brooklyn lives her life to make sure her sister is doing well. She puts off her dreams and compromises to be there for her only family. When she finally take the plunge to chase her dream, she still wont chase jeopardizing her sisters well being for love.

Then there is Levi. I adored him as a main character. He was funny and slightly alpha, but respected Brooklyn wishes from start to finish.

Turn the heat up and get lost in a music filled romance with the edge of suspense woven in. What choice would you make? Would you have seen the signs? I didn't.

Another Postcard was a fantastic read and I hope to read more from this series soon!


Brooklynn Hawk is an enigma. Highly sought after for her incredible voice, her talent shines bright in the studio. But a dark past and a secret she holds close to her heart keep her from permanently stepping into the limelight. Until her favorite band offers her the chance to chase her dreams. As the lead singer for rock sensation, Stone Butterfly, Levi Matthews is wary of bringing in new talent. But, he has heard just how amazing Brooklynn is and when the need for another singer arises, he’s confident that she is the perfect addition. However, he doesn't count on laying his heart at her feet. But the world of music can be as dangerous as it is thrilling. Joining Stone Butterfly on tour was hard enough for Brooklyn, but when she finally succumbs to Levi's charms, the rock 'n' roll life turns deadly. Will Levi and Brooklynn keep their voices and their hearts entwined? Or will the music prove too hard to survive? **Can be read as a standalone**