Artist by Juli Valenti (Redemption Reigns #2)


6 HUGE Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

THIS BOOK! I just don’t know what to do with myself now that it is over. I need to go back. It was such a wild ride that I want the high back from it. I want to go back and get completely lost in these characters all over again.
Artist is a new breed of heroine. I thought Poet was going to be my BE ALL for heroines, but Artist is hitting hard for that top spot. She is a real spitfire that says exactly what is on her mind and fights with everything she has for those she cares about.
Then we have Shakespeare. Goodness, where to start with him. Certain alpha characters are great, and some are plain falloveryourself swoon worthy. He is both and more. He is a man of mystery shadowed by his dark and hard exterior. Until Artist. She melts everything in the way and breaks through to the true man hiding inside him.

"Still can't offer you much, ain't got much to give. But that don't change anything'," he answered, leaning back enough to take her head in his hands. "You're mine."

Then we have this phenomenal story with these characters! I know I feel like I am gushing, but sometimes I book leaves you so moved that you can't seem to find the words to express how much you enjoyed reading it. This story line was choked full of everything. It had the romance, the suspense, the mild comedy parts and of course the MC love that we enjoy so much with this series.
Juli shines a new light in the MC world and trust me you want to get lost in it.


Cecili “Artist” Warren knew what she was getting into when she asked to prospect for Hells Redemption Motorcycle Club. At least, she thought she did. What she hadn’t been prepared for was the grueling training, long working hours at her tattoo shop, and falling for the man who’d tested her limits day after day. Shakespeare Carter, Vice President of Hells Redemption, was ruthless in all aspects of life – from his role within the club to the demands he placed on Artist. It was no secret he was a hard man, but even ice melted when confronted with fire. After a close friend of Artist’s is shot during a hit on the club, she becomes determined to seek out retribution. Little did she know that would be much harder than any of them ever expected. With Shakespeare’s help, can she prove to be as strong as he thinks she is? And, more, will she come out alive on the other side and still recognize herself?