Ascending the Veil (#3) by Venessa Kimball

acsending the veil

|Amazon|Goodreads|4.5 Stars

Meg's Review:

This novel was a roller coaster ride page after page. I could not put it down once I opened that first page. These characters just stay with you. Even after months of not being in their world it was as if I hadn't left. We pick up from the same spot we left of more or less. There are some major events that have left you mouth gaping towards the end of the second book, and the start of the third doesn't stray from that ideal. It embraces it and brazens forward in this world of constant battle. And little do we know the battle has just begun. Not only has Jesca lost her father, but her Link. One of the men she finds herself torn between. Jesca takes the world upon her shoulders and she isn't to far off in feeling that it is. She is the catalyst in this war and she is fully aware of it. Even if she has no idea who to fix it. How to save those that she loves. But she does know one thing. She will find a way to save them. And that is exactly what she does. She fires those around her to find a way to get her into the black hole and off to where the ones she loves are. Jesca develops so much in this novel. All the characters do. They are forced to and as you would expect they rise to the occasion. Epic. It is the best word I can find to describe this series. Please. Read it. Its a roller coaster ride that I won't soon be exiting. |Amazon| |Goodreads|


Amazon’s Best Selling Piercing the Fold Series A veil has been parted. A galactic intersection has been spurred by the hands of an enemy, the Sondian Fellowship. Now, a veil, a barrier, meant to divide our universe from all others has been parted. This celestial veil was meant to keep beings of those universes from invading ours; mythical, fantastical, demonic, and angelic beings. Jesca and the rest of the Dobrian fellowship quickly realize that these beings have been the very product of the “illusions in reality” they have been tracking, dodging, and protecting mankind from. One that Jesca must ascend. Ezra Kahn and Nate Sera have sacrificed themselves beyond the veil of our universe in an attempt to protect both Jesca and mankind. Their sacrifice was noble, but not enough to stop the global invasion and apocalyptical evolution in our world. The fate of those Jesca loves and mankind is dismal unless she and the Dobrian guardians can find a way to get Ezra and Nate back and seal the ethereal veil between our universe and those that lie beyond it. Among the illusions a legacy will be unmasked. To her surprise, Jesca’s ascension beyond the veil unmasks an ancient legacy that is much older and runs much deeper than the Dobrian fellowship. An empyrean inheritance seeded among mankind long ago that courses through the veins of the Onoch family and Jesca Gershon Kahn. *The Piercing the Fold series is intended for Mature Young Adult and Adult readers due to the the paranormal and unorthodox scientific concepts addressed throughout. This series contains a rich mixture of the paranormal, science fiction, romance, adventure, and suspense. *