Author Spotlight: Blood Of The Sire by Andrea L. Staum


4 stars


Andrea L. Staum is author of 'Blood of the Sire', first in the series that focuses on the Dragonchild Lore. She lives in south-central Wisconsin with her wonderful husband and two cats.

Book Synopsis:

In Blood of the Sire, the first book of lore, the origin of the Dragonchild and her link to the four elemental Guardians of the fishing village Kalahtaya is revealed. As Kitra gathers the autumn offering she never expected her village would soon be overtaken or that the granddaughter she has disowned would be the catalyst of war.

Exclusive Teaser:

“And the sooner begun, the sooner ended,” Wylyn grated from behind her. He put a hand on the small of her back and pushed her forward.
Kitra’s voice caught in the back of her throat as she stepped forward. Her feet felt like net weights were tied to them and she found it harder to take each step. Finally she stood beside her granddaughter at the entrance to the rajah’s palace. The carvings of the door were not runes, as they had appeared from a distance, but an intricately engraved battle scene not of human armies fighting one another; instead an army of imps fought great beasts and dragons while a demon smiled down on the battle.
The demon made the hairs on Kitra’s arms stand up and she could not look upon it long. She could not bring herself to reach for the bronzed handle and waited for Marlea to step inside followed by Joseph. With one final look over her shoulder at the Guardians she stepped in.

My Review:

This book was very original and kept me reading till the end. With the great storyline and the constantly evolving characters you are kept interested in even the low action chapters. I really enjoyed the characters in this book as well. Kitra and Marlea were of my favorite. You really felt the connection with them and it helped give the story extra depth. This story follows a small village that is attacked by raiders. You follow a family and their connection to the dragon guardians that protect their small home. Many thing's come to light in the story and you dive deep into the dragons past. Some parts were horrifying, while others had me tearing up. It was a very great plot line. A world and adventure I couldn't compare to any others. You learn of not only the history of the town and its inhabitants, but the origin of the battle that is plaguing them currently. The mini story lines going in the book also kept me very entertained. Even with the war you were given some light parts in the book and I enjoyed this. You get to know the backgrounds of a few of the supporting characters and it helps you to better understand decisions that are made in the book. All in all a great read. :)I could have done for a little more insight into the town during the battles, but it all played into the story in the end. Characters are well developed, story line is great, and the writing is attention grabbing. Hope you enjoy it as well!