Falling Stars (#3) by Jettie Woodruff Dual Review


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You've met these two separately, now read on to find out what happens as they meet and travel down the road to stardom together. Can they handle it? I am doubtful, but who knows. Just when you thought these two couldn't possibly get into anything else, they undoubtedly can and do. I hope you enjoyed the first two books in this series and stay tuned to find out what situations Hailey and Alley find themselves in next.

Meg's Review:

Oh Jettie. Why must you torture me with another MIND BLOWING book! I don't know how I am going to say goodbye to these girls. I fell in love with them, in love with their families, and Their World. This is definitely a book I will not soon forget. It was the third and last installment of the Star Sequence following Hailey and Ally <3 and we were not let down in the slightest. (Not that I had any doubts we would be.) This book is about battling our demons, or well Ally and Hailey battling their own and each others. It tore my heart out at some points and had my stomach in knots laughing at others. You dive deep into the girls addictions in this book. Be it drugs, men, alcohol, or life. We experience it all. This book is the tell all. I could not get enough of my men in this book! Chris and Trevas were MY shining stars. Even though Ally and Hailey are our main dish here, these men are their other half. Sometimes I felt the need to reach through the book and slap the girls, but alas we had the men to keep them in line and on the right track. Not that they needed the men, but really? Who wouldn't want one of those boys at their side <3 I was very sad to see this book end. :( I am in love with them. All the characters. I think I am having some separation anxiety and must go re-read the book after this review. It's a wonderful world to get lost in. I hope you have read the first two book, because this one drops some major bombs on us and keeps you reeling till the very last page. (No really, I read it twice it was so good) Go buy the book. & the first & the second if you haven't already done so <3 Goodreads Falling Stars on Amazon

Amy's Review:

Falling Stars was the perfect ending to an amazing trilogy. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to read these stories (thanks Meg) Go, Go, Go and read this trilogy NOW.
Reading book one and book two I had so many questions that I wanted answers and I am happy to say I feel like my dreams were answered. Hailey and Allie are back with more exciting twists and turns in both their personal and professional lives. I was so excited to start this book and it kept me up half the night wanting to power through to the finale. The character development in this last installment was magnificent!! I loved to see Allie going from a 17year old up and coming actress/party girl into a grown woman with a goal in life and a real sense of family. Hailey surprised me with her commitment to life and love and friendship.
I was so glad to be given a direction for all the characters.Jettie gave just enough to let the readers know where not only Hailey and Allie's lives are headed, but also Peyton and Kay and Addison and of course their men.