Author Spotlight: Leaving Eva by Jennifer Sivec


4 stars

Author Bio:

Jennifer lives in Oberlin, Ohio with her Husband and two wonderful little boys who are the light and loves of her life. She is a full time career woman who wears numerous hats in life and enjoys every one of them. She has been a voracious reader and writer for as long as she can remember, both of them feeding and soothing her soul. During more difficult times in her life, writing has been an escape, giving much needed santuary and providing strength. She writes whenever she can, sometimes carving out just a few minutes at a time to jot notes, write down ideas, or sometimes entire paragraphs one at a time. She recently self-published her first novel, "Leaving Eva" on Amazon, inspired by her own abandonment as a child. The story evolved because she wanted to write a book that expressed the pain of abandonment with the hope of love. She continues trying to balance a crazy hectic life while working on several different projects, and trying to find levity and laughter in every day.

Book Synopsis:

Abandoned as a child, Brynn is adopted into a violent and tumultuous world under the deceptive guise of a Mother's love. She accidentally discovers a secret way to survive which disguises her brokenness. Brynn is left to fend for herself, as those who are supposed to love and protect her most, fail.
In High School, Brynn unexpectedly falls for sweet, handsome Adam. He tries to teach her that she can have hope and happiness, if she only will embrace it. As an adult, it appears as though Brynn has her life together. No one except for Adam really knows her secret pain and history has an unkind way of repeating itself.
Suddenly she is faced with destroying her greatest love, and the need to confront her own fear before it swallows her completely. In the end, Brynn discovers a truth about herself that changes everything, and gives her the freedom to accept the beautiful possibilities of what life can be.

Exclusive Teaser:

"I sat, and I waited for you Brynn! You never called, you never texted. I was humiliated. It’s so typical of you to be so rude!” His beautiful blue eyes, usually so bright and sparkling, were downcast and sad reflecting the storm that was passing over them.
He would not look at her, all of the rage gone now, and replaced by something more terrifying. Silence. Brynn stared at him helplessly. How did this happen to us? He felt so distant from her though he stood two feet from where she was standing. He towered above her at over six feet and she stared up at him trying to gage where he was now. His strong jawline was set stubbornly, and she realized that he was a different man than the one that she married so long ago.She felt afraid, as she always did from her childhood. She felt herself bracing, her body rigid, anticipating the slap to come. Adam tried to reassure her time and time again that he would never lay a hand on her.
She still expects me to hit her! He realized that was part of the growing distance between them that he couldn't bridge. No matter how many times he told her that he would never hurt her she always separated herself from him, just in case.

My Review:

This book has taken me a little while to write a review for. It was one of those books that after you finish, (Or in my case a few times during) you have to take a break to process what is happening. It took a little for me to get into if I am being honest. It touches on some Very tough topics but I was hooked and pushed through to the end. I am SO glad of that fact, as this book turned out to be as great as I had expected. This book follows the life of Brynne. It is a tale of abuse, drugs, child neglect, and abandonment. She has endured a hard life, one no child should Ever endure. I felt that this book gave a great window into a story that so many children out there possibly share. Its horrifying and heart wrenching all the same. For this reason I was attached. I Needed to see what happened with Brynne. I was fighting for her to get out and away from her life. She is such a strong and wonderful girl, she deserves the world to be at her finger tips. Such is though, she is left with a hard life that she fights to survive. In the book we flash POV and Timeline between Brynne, her mother, and Her adoptive mother. It can be slightly disorienting, but it gives you such a better understanding of the story as whole, its worth it to push through when you get thrown off. I felt like the book developed as it went on. It may have been my understanding of the way the author wrote, or that I was that enveloped in the book, but it got much easier to follow and read. I learned what characters were talking rather quickly. The end of this book totally killed me. WHAT a cliffhanger! I could not get enough of the book and than Jennifer goes and throws an ending like THAT at me! What is a girl to do? Well, this one is sitting patiently and waiting for book 2 :) So get reading. Give the book a chance, it deserves it. Its really that great a read.