Author Spotlight: Starburst (Star Sequence #1)by Jettie Woodruff


5 stars


My Review:

I am still reeling from this book. Not often do I read a book that leave me stick picking up the pieces. Lately there have been a few as you have seen, but this one is up there on the list. This book isn't just you learning about to lovers and their fight to be together, this book transforms you into their world. You go on an adventure with them and not only learn about them, but about 2 other couples in the book that need to find their way. I know that some people didn't enjoy reading about the other characters but I did. I felt you really got to know everyone better. I felt like I was watching a movie learning about all the different characters and what part they were going to play in this epic story. I felt like you started with one couple and after their struggles you travelled with them and slowly began to move onto the next and the next couple. It was wonderfully done and I just don't have words. Lets begin with the book itsself. Wonderfully written and beautiful transitions into the different parts of the book. I never felt like we dropped one character to learn about another. You were constantly entwined with them. absolutely seamless in my opinion. I also thought the characters were well developed. With the story being as long as it was I think any more back stories on them would have been too much. I could have done for a little more maturity from Alley, but really you can't help but love her, and considering her age it wouldn't have been appropriate with her. The characters had real personalities, even the famous ones. You could really relate to them on a personal level and I enjoyed that. The story Synopsis: The following novel has been approved for restricted audiences only; it contains underage sex, drugs, and a very foul mouthed evil little princess. Meet Allie, a strong-willed, spoiled, feisty rich kid trying to find her way. Being the daughter of not one but two public figures leaves her under constant scrutiny and meddling paparazzi. Allie doesn’t need help finding trouble - it finds her. The intrusive cameras are always in the right place at the right time, landing Allie on the front page of gossip magazines and tabloid internet sites. And pissed off parents. Being left at home with her nanny most of her life, Allie becomes quite introverted, keeping a handful of friends at arm’s length. She’s not like the other kids born into the life of fame and hates girl drama. After a tragedy takes her lifelong nanny, Allie rebels by running off every other hired hand post Maria. Allie doesn’t need anyone. She needs to get out of the spotlight and out of the paparazzi capital of Los Angeles. Can a forbidden love change her direction? Can Allie leave the life of fame, or will she get caught right in eye of the storm?