Awakening by Serena Grey


3.75/ 4 Stars Goodreads|Amazon

My Review:

This was a great quick book that I fully enjoyed having the pleasure of reading. Usually I don't enjoy quick reads, as they I feel they don't give you enough information about the story or the characters, but this book was able to do that and more in a very short amount of time. I felt the characters were developed enough that you had a clear picture of them in your head, and they had interesting small backstories incorporated into them. The plot was fast and definitely had me hooked. I finished the novel with my mouth wide open saying "wait, thats it? I have to wait longer??". It was a good ending spot for sure. But rewind, back to what the book is about. Meet Sophie. The beautiful, clouded self image, un knowingly eye candy girl who walks right into the spiders trap. She has not had a great life and being very virginal in all things men, you aren't let down by her character. David is our hot and mysterious man. Thats it, we really know nothing else about him, but yet he is still great. I know we have a great back story coming on. David and Sophie's "romance" is quick to say the least. We are not left angsty in this book. Sophie is writhing under him in a matter or pages and it all seems to perfect. Sophie was stuck. Stuck in her life with only dreams and hope pushing her on. Then in walks David. With where the book ends we can only hope that a happy ending is in our future for these two, but alas with something so perfect so quickly you must not hold your breath for that. With the light comes the dark, and I have an inkling the dark with david is pitch worthy. Overall great book. I really can't wait to get a chance to read book two :)


His voice is hoarse. “I am going to make love to you now.” He says, “So if you want me to stop, tell me.” I shake my head frantically. If he stops at this point, I’ll probably die. Sophie Bennett has virtually no experience with men. Orphaned from birth, she's gone from living with her reclusive spinster aunt, to a sheltered education in a catholic boarding school. So nothing prepares her for David Preston. The intensely attractive business-man is entirely out of her league. Can she handle such a dangerous man, or is she in over her head?