Baby Yours by Kennedy Fox

I did it. I survived waiting for this book and it was completely worth it. COMPLETELY.
I love when this duo write duets. I think they are my favorite from them. It's the perfect balance for the duo and I'm not COMPLETELY begging for more. I am satisfied. The last book left us hanging a bit, so I dove right into this one as soon as I got it. Whew. Worth the wait. Hunter and Lennon were amazing. I loved their journey and I REALLY loved the characters. I want a duet for each of them. I want all the words. Hunter and Lennon's journey was rocky and unconventional, and it completely worked for them. There were totally a few times I screwed at the book, but it IS a Kennedy Fox book, you have to expect it by now guys. Completely 5 stars and that epilogue left me salivating for the next book they are writing. I love this world so much.
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The worst day of my life happened when Brandon died. We had our entire future mapped out. Careers, marriage, kids—in that order. Then the universe threw a curveball and ended it all. As I come to terms with everything, I learn I’m carrying his baby. Now I’m living with his roommate, the guy who’s made my life a living hell the past two years. Hunter’s now the one to hold me up when all I want to do is fall. Knowing my religious parents will never accept the pregnancy out of wedlock, Hunter offers to be my fake husband. While I think he’s gone crazy, it’s the only plan that’ll keep them in my life. So I do whatever it takes to make our relationship believable—kissing, touching, even letting him hold me when we sleep. The lines are so blurred neither of us want to admit we’re no longer pretending. The guilt of what we’re doing eats me alive as I struggle to deal with my emotions. I push him away, but he pulls me closer, showing me how he’s always felt. Just as I begin to follow my heart, I learn Hunter’s been keeping secrets. And I’m left to make the hardest decision of my life… **This is book 2 in the Hunter & Lennon duet and must be read after Baby Mine. Recommended for ages 18+**