Bad Boy Brody by Tijan

Another novel that moved me to my heart and bones. Tijan has a knack for having you completely fall for the bad boys, and then throwing a heroine at you that rocks your world. Not so spoiler alert: she did it again. Brody's story broke my heart. I can't imagine the pain that he went through and I thought that it was depicted in such a way that even never having experiences it, your heart hurt with him. Then Morgan was thrown into our path and I absolutely was with her. She was such a force on the pages that even when she said nothing she spoke volumes. Also, this was just a perfect story. I loved the little chaos in it almost as much as I loved the characters and the overall story itself. Now I need to go find a horse ranch to spend a few days on. Buy On Amazon: Add To Goodreads


(Blurb subject to change) The loss of his brother sends Brody Asher from Hollywood Golden Boy to Hollywood Bad Boy. When he might lose a blockbuster movie role because of his new reputation, he agrees to first do a small indie movie to clean up his image. Arriving on location, he’s not ready for the family politics and mystery surrounding the movie script that was based on a real life murder. And he’s most definitely not ready to fall in love with the person that was the reason for the murder in the first place, or the fact that no one is supposed to know about her.