Badd Daddy by Jasinda Wilder

Are you a Badd book fan? I love this series. I love that if I miss a release or two, I can still jump right back in to read the newest and still completely enjoy it.

Sometimes I am just in the mood for a good sexy read and Wilder books always deliver. This one? Heck yes. I was all over it. I love read like this where I laugh and I swoon and goodness, It got hot and headed. Olivia and Lucas were the best. She was EXACTLY what he needed and it was a fun ride to dive into on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to read more in this series!

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Lucas Badd…the Baddest of them all, he's patriarch of the clan, a man with the size and temperament of a grizzly bear whose past holds the keys to not only his own future, but also the way everyone connected to him will move forward as a family. Who can tame a man this wild? Olivia Goode. A widow, a mother, and a woman who is Lucas’s opposite in every way imaginable. If anyone can, it would be her, but the real question is whether she can move past her own tragedy to see the man beneath the grizzly bear exterior, and whether Lucas has the courage to face his demons and become the man he’s spent the last forty years pretending not to be.