Best Man by Katy Evans

This book. I started it and will be quite honest that I didn't like our heroine. I was put off by her in the start and and then I was just reading to find out how much more I wouldn't like her.

Then I read the rest of the book. I should learn after all his time not to jump to judge but I judged wrongly and then I got deep into this book and I fell so hard for the characters that I was invested. I was invested with the story and the outcome and Ill be damned I fell for them all. By the time I got to the end of the story it was absolutely nothing like I thought it was going to be. I feel for this book. I will be completely honest. I mean there were some parts that I was so angry with and other parts I just wanted to yell at the characters. Then here were the parts that I completely swooned over. In the end I loved every single word of this book. It took what I thought I felt about it and turned me on it. I needed a good flip read like this.

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The latest standalone novel from bestselling author Katy Evans. When the wedding of your dreams is just around the corner, everything needs to go as planned. Only problem is, the groom didn’t get the memo. Aaron forgot the rings, and Lia is determined to make the long drive home to get them in time for their “I do’s.” But there’s a catch. There always is with Aaron, isn’t there? Aaron is too hungover to come, and sends a replacement. The best man. Miles Foster. The cocky, arrogant, sexy best man…and the last person Lia wants to be trapped in a car with for hours. But Aaron insists, and Lia wonders if there’s another reason Aaron wants Miles tagging along—aside from sticking her with a hot, surly babysitter. Yet how bad can it be? It’ll be over before she knows it, and she’ll never see him again. Just like in college. But when secrets are revealed, and Lia’s whole world is turned upside down, she realizes she’s been living a lie—and so has her groom. Miles is supposed to be the best man at her wedding. But what if he is simply the best man she has ever known? The best man for her?