Big Girls Do It Married (BGDI #5) by Jasinda Wilder


5 stars


My Review:

Another epic from Jasinda :D Why do we even doubt at this point. Literally everything she writes is gold and this is no different. With book 5 week get a full length book :D Kinda like a 2 part finale episode. Loved it!! With the cliffhanger that book 4 had, if your anything like me you are itching to see who Anna chooses. Jeff or Chase. Ding Ding! Times up and Anna has finally decided that it has always been Jeff. No matter what he was always on her mind. She is completely in love with him. Now that leaves Chase. I can't wait at this point to see where this story goes. Poor Chase is understandably heart broken and makes some last ditch efforts but Anna has made her choice. This episode follows the wedding planning. Anna has things to plan and decisions to make regarding her pending marriage. She also has some self discovery to do. Anna needs to find where she wants her place to be and how she wants to feel about herself. With a whirlwind romance and a breathtaking wedding, this book has it all. With it being so much longer your really get to know all the characters better. This book has its bumps and they leave you hooked again, but it has a wonderful ending. I really fell in love with these books. They are about hot S**, true love, and self discovery. 5 Stars <3


Life was finally starting to make sense. And then he showed up...again. Now, I have to make the biggest decision of my life, and someone will end up heartbroken. I can only hope that someone isn't me.