Big Girls Do It On Christmas (BGDI #5.5) by Jasinda Wilder


5 Stars


My Review:

So This book was like 19 pages long so not much I can review with it <3 But as I did the other 5 this one deserved a 5 star shout out. It is a brief glimpse of Anna and Jeff a year after they have gotten married. They are playing a Governors Christmas Party and you get to find out a little about how the last year has played out for them. <3 Another heart melting glimpse into the Big GIrls Do it world :D Worth the quick read for sure! If you haven't read the BGDI series, I recommend it. It is a quick hot read for any type of reader. Each story it short in it's own, but read all together it is a nice length. I choose to read all of the serials as one and I just loved it. The characters are super relatable and you fall right in love with them. Jasinda breaks the molds and gives you a quick story that you still fall in love with.


A very special Big Girls Christmas short story to be read after Big Girls Do It Married. This is a short story of 4,000 words. *WARNING: major spoilers if not read in order*