Big Girls Do it Wetter (Big Girls Do It #2) by Jasinda Wilder


5 stars


My Review:

Another great episode in the Big Girls Do it series :D I was a little annoyed with Anna for not Chasing after her Chase when this started, but again wasn't let down by this book at all. It entered a whole other realm of Hot. Anna is finally started to believe that she is indeed beautiful and men to think that. Its really nice getting to know her and see her start to accept that. Not that she doesn't have confidence, because she does. But she is finally starting to see herself as sexy on the same level that they do. This book was another hot episode. I swear its torture to just get that small glimpse of their story and then have to go to the next book. Lol. But eh, I will take what I can get. LOVED the ending to this and am on my way to un-cliffhanger it and start the 3rd book :D Enjoy!


Chase went to New York...without me. It was only one night, one delicious, sinful night, but it awakened something within me, and now, with him gone, I have no one to satiate my sudden, ferocious hunger. Then I woke up one day and looked at someone near and dear to me in a whole new light. And my world was rocked once again.**This is an explicit, erotic novella for adults only! Contains super hot, one on one sex between two great characters.**