Birth Of Chaos by Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh

Here we go again. By that I mean on another adventure that is going to hurt our hearts. By that I mean THIS DUO YALL. I love a good YA and this series is building into just epic ness. (Kind of YA, Kind of Not, KIND OF EPIC I JUST DON'T KNOW!) If you haven't read the other two novels in the series, go do that now. Right now. This novel pushed the series so much more than I tough it was going to and I swear I found myself yelling at it over and over. Jo and the team, I just don't have the words. When this wish came in I was shocked and excited and I couldn't wait to see where these two were going to take it. Then, ALL THE SECRETS STARTED TO COME OUT AND OMG. If you have gotten this far in the series than you know this book is where it all starts to come to play.. Dive in, you won't regret it! If you are new, THIS IS IT AND OMG AND GO READ IT.

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A WISH FOR DESTRUCTION... HAS JOSEPHINA UNRAVELING A new wish is pushing the weary members of the Society to their breaking points. But as Jo’s complex relationship with their leader reveals dangerous truths about who she truly is, and was, her priorities quickly change. Now, she seeks to expose the enemy lurking in their midst, but it may already be too late to thwart an ancient goddess bent on stealing Jo’s power and destroying everything she loves.