Black Rain by Jettie Woodruff


5 Stars|Amazon|

With any novel I read from Jettie, I know that I am in for a wild ride. This novel really brought me back to some of the first novels I read from Jettie. I felt a lot of the Star Sequence in this novel mixed with the high intensity reading of Underestimated. This is a Must Read for any jetty fan, and any fans of Suspense filled romance. Ahh. This book was SO GOOD! From the very first page I found myself trying to figure out exactly where it was going to take me. I read this solely based on its cover. No synopsis. No predispositions, nothing. Blank slate. It was epic. The best way to jump into his novel is blind. It really grabs you and takes you by surprise. Makayla's story and her adventure with Pea is definitely going to be a favorite of mine. We jump into this novel with Mikki and Pea on the run. We don't know why, how, or where they are going. Let the mass amount of questions begin. This is a story of love. Unconditional and unsurpassed love. From the moment Makayla meets Pea, she is in love with her. She sees the child that is overlooked and gives her the love that she deserves. Then life throws some more mountains into the path. blackrainteaser Jakayla came into Pea's life for one reason and is staying for another. We start this novel in the present and ever-s0-slowly we find out how they got to be where they are now. By the end of the novel my emotions were shot and I was ready to find out the end game. Ready to see where it all came together. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. You never really know with some books, the ending can sometimes knock you off the path you thought it was taking, or it can go exactly that direction. This novel masterfully did both. It gave you all the answers you were hoping for and still shocked you with its ending. A fantastic new novel to start the year with. Jump into this suspenseful and love filled novel about truly finding meaning in one's life.


This is a story about me, about who I am, about how I got to be me, and about the people who helped mold me in to Makayla Carlie. There comes a time when life’s disappointments start to add up. When you can’t cry one more tear. When you can’t feel that surge of panic one more time, or when you can’t pray for one more day. You wonder, are we humans having a spiritual experience, or are we spirits having a human experience? What does it all mean? Do we all have a purpose? People said I was a hero—that I could persevere through anything I put my mind to. How could I be a hero when I never got a choice? Nobody asked me. I did what I hope anyone reading this would do. While one life was taken too soon, another needed to live, really live. She needed to be the center of somebody’s universe. I was that universe. Just like the Pea under the mattress, I felt her.