Blog Tour: Breathing Black by Piper Payne


5 HUGE Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Favorite Quote: "When I look at him he looks back at me. He sees me. Not just the bad but he digs around to see my good"

I still have to wrap my mind around this novel. The ending left me mouth gaping. It if very few novels today that have me rating for one character when they start, and by the end of the book I am totally on a different side. This book did that without you even realizing it. The change was so smooth that after 75% I was trying to figure out when my feelings changed. Piper took a plot line that is hard in itself, and without missing a beat there 15 twists in and still kept you on point till the very end. The writing it this book was above exceptional. It was very easy to follow and engaged you page after page. The dialogue between the characters was also excellent. I love when a book actually make me laugh out loud and I found myself doing that often with the banter that we encountered. Ok, I should talk a little about the characters. I find it hard sometimes to cool myself down enough to actually talk about the story line rather than the overall impression the book gave me. A week later and I am still on a high from this novel. That alone should tell you something. Larkin was a FANTASTIC character. She was a beautiful soul. That is the best way I can describe her. I felt like even when she thought she wasn't, she was completely selfless. Someone who should be so broken over her past, is strong and thriving. Well, not SHOULD. That is the wrong word. Someone you would expect to be broken. I think that works better. With her past you would expect one thing from her and get something completely different. Even in the present you are constantly surprised by her. breathingblackteaser Landon. I was in Love with him from the start. I always like to see the best in people, so as his story unfolds that is where my heart stayed. Sometimes when life throws something like Logan Black into you path you can't ignore it. I don't know what else to say about this novel. It is going to rock your world. You really wont see what is coming next, and when you think you finally have it all figured out, you are thrown for another loop. Don't miss this top read of 2014! It is a definitely 5 star.


A desolate childhood; a scarred, jaded, damaged girl. Larkin Grant knew she couldn’t end up like her mother … so she ran. All her belongings packed in the back of a rusted, brown Cadillac, her best friend June in the passenger seat as the co-pilot, she fled Aspen and never looked back. A new life in a new city, Larkin was finally starting to breathe again, an unfamiliar sense of happiness seeping into her lungs. Landon Black, the boy she loved from afar, came back into her life despite leaving him and her awful memories buried hundreds of miles away. A weakened pulse brought back to life. He said she was beautiful. She was starting to believe him. He pursued her and changed the course of everyone’s plans. Life had dealt Larkin a cruel hand, but maybe this was it. Maybe the boy that never knew she existed finally saw her and came to free her from the darkness of her past. But we are never truly free. There are secrets that bind us and lies that unravel from the most beautiful of lips. Blackness that suffocates and makes us question everything we thought we knew. Larkin and Landon are intertwined in ways they never imagined, their future unclear as ghosts come back to haunt them. Friendship. Revenge. Love. Drugs. Murder. Deceit. The first in a two-book series, Breathing Black is a mix of suspense and breathless romance. It’s a provocative tale that challenges what one is willing to do to protect the ones they love. An emotional journey where trust isn't an option and falling in love never hurt so bad.