Blog Tour: The Parts That Followed by A.K. Mills


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This was another emotional read from A.K. Mills. I was thrilled when she emailed me that there was going to be a second book and I jumped at the opportunity to read it. The first book in this series still has stuck with me over the months. It is just one of those novels you can't forget. This novel is just the same. In jumping into his novel I wasn't sure where it was going to go. With Kelly's personality, there were a plethora of avenues and I didn't think I was going to like any of them. But this novel surprised me again. Kelly needs to heal. She needs to deal with what happen ands needs to heal. I can't say she does it in the best way, but this is her way of dealing with the events that led up to this point. I LOVED how A.K. Mills stuck with her story telling. In the first novel we learned about the past events in a series of flashbacks through the novel. This does the same. I was SO confused int he start, but by the end I saw the art in it and it all made sense again. I Loved it. It was an original way to tell the take and it really worked for Kelly's story. This is a novel about forgiveness and truly finding oneself. Kelly is Lost. She has been lost for far longer then she realizes. She developed so much in this novel and it is wonderful to read. I LOVED where the plot line took us and I felt the ending was absolutely perfect. This is definitely a must read novel. Even if you weren't a fan of the first one, i recommend you give this a shot.


Act first. Think never. Remember nothing. If only things were still that easy for Kelly Rockport. Enveloped in guilt after surviving the crash that claimed the life of her best friend Meredith, Kelly returns to Haysville University refusing to forget. In her mind, letting go of the accident would be like killing Meredith all over again. With therapy proving futile and sex leaving her emptier than ever, Kelly's attempts at rebuilding her life continue to fail. But just as she begins to accept hopelessness as her destiny, Kelly catches a glimpse of happiness—or something close enough to it. The only question is if she can hold herself together and rebuild a new normal. Or, in true Kelly fashion, will she crumble under the pressure and prove that happily-ever-afters don't exist for people like her? These are the parts that followed.