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For every reader that skimmed those pages to get to the good part, this Anthology does exactly that. It takes you to the good part of 20 fantastic stories. There were quote a few authors I had never read before in this book, and they definitely convinced me otherwise. I found myself wanting to read the rest of every scene I got here. Blown Away. That is the best way to put it. Some of the scenes were carnal and emotional in a way that you can't help but want more. You get lost in the story. I love how even though this novel was filled with sex, each story was different. Each one had you in its grips. These scenes are HOT. Be warned. This is me warning you. You may need a cold shower. This novel has the best of the best in it and they do NOT disappoint. You will find yourself wanting to one-click these novels. I feel like THAT is the best part. Each short leave you gasping for more and you will want it. So go buy these novels and fall in love. But first, read these 20 Super hot scenes. They are exactly that, The Best Part.


Find your next red-hot read in this sizzling collection of sexy scenes from top authors including New York Times and USA Todaybestsellers. The collection features a British alpha who wants to turn a good girl bad, a woman realizing her impetuous marriage to a stripper isn’t all bad, a bad boy boxer who could use a large dose of sexual healing, a carnie who has found new and inventive uses for fun house mirrors, and a rocker who wants to woo the girl who got away: his high school sweetheart. This excerpt collection features 20 of the best steamy scenes in contemporary romance and erotic romance today. Each scene in this 250-page collection will get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your skin tingling. You’re sure to discover a new favorite. Due to the graphic nature of some content, this collection is recommended strictly for mature readers. New York Times best-selling authors: Raine Miller Kendall Ryan K. Bromberg Carly Phillips Denise Grover Swank S.L. Scott USA Today best-selling authors: Christine Bell Rebecca Shea Andrea Smith Featuring: Magan Vernon Kristie Cook Nevaeh Lee & Michelle Lynn Alessandra Thomas Selena Laurence Heidi Joy Tretheway Elizabeth Briggs Meghan March Taylor Michaels K.B. Nelson Elise Covert
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