A Blogger Tool to Drool Over

calenderin I got this new dry erase board and my life will never be the same. As a mom of 2, and a blogger, my calendar is ALWAYS full. No matter how big I buy, I still seem to fill it. I think part of that is that I will write bigger if I can. Haha. But really, we ALL know the struggle. I got this new board for the wall in my playroom and I am IN LOVE. unnamed See it here on Amazon It is HUGE! 3ft by 2ft. It sticks to the wall with super magic and doesn't leave any residue. I have now moved it twice. That is another great part, me and my crazy OCD can move it as much as I want without putting more holes in the walls. LOVE. I am able to not only fit my Mom life on it, but my work one as well. If you are like me and love to plan and have everything organized you will love it too. I also got this brand's refillable dry erase markers. They are super fun and the fact that I don't have to go buy a new pack when they run out is a plus as well. They aren't anything super special, but they are definitely cool. See them here 514oDUVxekL._SX355_ I got the board from the company for review because they thought it would be an applicable product for me, and they were totally right. I had my reservations about it sticking to the wall and really being no residue, but it really is!!! It is on sale for $18.99 on amazon right now, so I would grab it up! See it here on Amazon 61B6-lvyh9L._SL1500_