Blood Stained Vengeance by Susan Harris (Midnight Assassin #2)

BloodStained Vengeance 5 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

I LOVED this follow up to Susan Harris's Another Way To Bleed. This novel took you deeper into this world and gave you a peek inside of these characters that hooks you even more. We just back almost a year after Cassie has had her world crumble before her eyes. Lies were revealed that she isn't sure she can forgive. Throw in the Luka and Asher situation and Bam! Cassie is Gone. She has left and reinvented herself in a new place with new friends. Little does she know that her life? The one she left? It don't intend to stay gone.

"All Cassie heard, as the back door closed behind her was Shay's childish giggles and Archer's deep chuckle. Damn, now she was in trouble."

Cassie is thrown back into her old life and forced to face the demons that she has been running from. Both metaphorical and real. Then there is the whole love conundrum. Luka, the man she is in love with, and Archer, the man she is prophesied to be with.

"There was nothing chaste about the kiss, just a cardinal need to have skin on skin, to brand her lips with his. Her body melted into his, and despite the painful ache the etched at her heart, she felt weightless."

This novel was a thrilling read. I read it start to finish last night and was on a high from falling back in love with this world. Its inventive and original. I loved the plots that developed in this novel and can't wait to see where this series goes. It is a thrilling read and I am a Hooked Fan. On my toes waiting for Book 3!!


Betrayed and broken, Cassie has spent the last year in hiding and not even a new city, new identity or new friends can dull the ache inside her chest. But the problem with running away from your problems is that sooner or later, they always catch up with you. And the only question left unanswered is, can Cassie forgive those who have caused her pain or will she succumb to her lust for blood stained vengeance...