That Book You Love to Hate to Love.

We all have one.

That book that was SO GOOD, but you HATED some part about it. Be it a character, a plot twist, or just the storyline itself. Im like that with a few. I'll admit it. See the other Admin Amy and I were talking with a friend about some books that we just Hated the Guy in, but in the end he was meant to be with the heroine. It was a "written in the stars" sort of thing, that no matter what happen they were just meant to be together. In some books I feel this works. Like Tony in The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig. I Hated him. Loathed him. But by the end, I knew they were meant to be and it was perfect. See what I mean? Hate to Love to Hate. I love that I hate that I Love him. Or that plot twist that ruined a series for you personally but you still love the rest so you look it over. We all know not every book can appease every person completely. Not all books are Kellan Kyle <3 (Kidding) But really. Is there anything to hate about that series? There is? Oh wait, that would be you and I not seeing a book the same. See what I mean? I Digress. I was talking about this love, hate, love stuff. So I read a book recently that I just Hated the guy. But in the end, again, I loved who he turned out to be. He redeemed himself in my reader eyes. But others did not agree and well I see their point. We all have those books where even though we want to hate something we just can't. I guess it just depends on everyones limit on how much you can hate before the love won't save your view of it. Ok Rant Over. I am off to read another book I will Love to Love.