Book Pin Addicts UNITE! I am OBSESSED!

So I recently discovered book inspired enamel pins. I know.

I am SUPER late to the game. Now I am addicted.

I need THEM ALL.

Here are my FAVORITES from Etsy. This is like my DREAM shopping list.

This one is ADORABLE! Grab it for $10.50 Here from HennelPaperCo.

Only $10 from Loafandpuddle! I NEED IT! Get it here.

$10! From ILootPaperie I need it! Get yours here.

SO MANY SAD BOOKS. I love them. Only $5 from YouSillyDuffy! Get it here.

$8, from Punkpins. THIS IS SO TRUE! Get yours!

Awe! They are so pretty! $16 from SweetandLovely! Grab them here.

Two words. Harry Potter. $20. Buy them Here.

Only $10 from QueenieCards, this is adorable. I love both kind of texts, but still! Get one!

I am. I so am. $13 from Sweet and Lovely. Get one.

ALL THE BESTS! $9.32 form Literary Emporium. It's a necessity. Buy one.

$10 from Wordforwordfactor. This is true. I am VERY well read. Are you?

IT IS SO CUTE! Only $10 from RatherKeen, get it here!

IT IS SO CUTE! Only $9.32! From LiteraryEmporium, get yours here!

Only $9.32 form LiteraryEmporium! I LOVE IT! Get one here.

THE BELL JAR! Only 10.00 from The Silver Spider. I want it!

Another form this epic shop, at $9.32 I need this litearyemporium pin! Get one!

I need it now. It SCREAMS book blogger. Just at $10 I must buy it. Here, you can buy one too.

This one is only $7.99! From Punkpins! Grab it Here

Only #8.65 from JellybUttonUK this pin is all about the books! Get it here.

Only $10.50 from JohnMoniker! Get it here.

This one is just SO ME! Only $10.50 from RatherKeen. Here is where you get it!

DUDE. I need it. $12 form Boygirlparty Get it Here.

Only $10 from TheCleverClove. I MUST BUY IT! Get it Here.

All photos are directly from the accredited Etsy shops. I did not receive anything for this post though I wold love to won some of these ASAP!