Born To Kill by Erin Trejo

So this book was a rocking ride. I honestly was all over the place reading it and I loved every page.

I Love, LOVE, dark reads and give me Mafia any day. This was a sexy and dark romance that I literally couldn't put down. This gave my dark loving heart, chills. Our Hero (Anti- Hero?) was dark and tortured and after his life? I am not surprised. Then you give us Asia and she was everything. This book spans a bit of time and I loved getting to know them as the book progressed. It is safe to say I binge read this. All the twists and a heavy read that i loved every page of.

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When I was seven, I stole her candy. When I was fifteen, I stole her first kiss. At eighteen, I stole her innocence. Now at twenty-five, she's trying to steal my life. My fate was sealed being born the bastard child of my father. I played my role in the De Luca family until reality caused my path in life to skid to a halt. My fate is damned. And the one person that could save me is the one I've stolen so much from in the past.