Bound By Fate by Mandy Lou Dowson


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This novel was a really great read. I was gifted this copy for review from the author. Going in reading paranormal books, especially shifter novels, I am always a little iffy. I suppose this is because I am quite picky on the novels. I know what I like and what I don't. This novel happily surprised me. I often find with Shifter novels that they typically remind me of each other in some way or another. Mandy has crafted novel that will keep you entertained and guessing through its entirety. She managed to drag me in and have me fall in love with every character I met. It was a definite wild ride for sure. Beth is a girl who just wants her freedom. Each step in her life she feels more caged in. With a guardian always at her back and the eyes of the clan always on her, she has no solace. Gareth is the first person in her life to not take her at face value. He has watched her even when she didn't realize it, and the moment he tracks her to her special place, everything changes. Well, up to the moment she has her mating ceremony. The ceremony doesn't exactly go as planned and Beth is left with two mates. From hat moment on this story got crazier and crazier. I was not the biggest fan of Beth, nor the other characters actually at this point. I always want o right decision to be made, and when it isn't I get sour. Once I got to the end of the novel I did realize why things had to happen he way they did, but it was a lot of crazy and cautions up until then. Overall this was a fantastic read. Mandy wows with her plot development and characters. I did lower my rating by a star as a result of s one of the plot development, and editing issues. I typically don't judge on editing at all, but some of the phrasing and editing in general made this a harder read then it should have been. Don't let this dissuade you, it is a fantastic novel that you don't want to miss. I look forward to reading the second in the series and getting answers to some of those bring questions I have.


*Amazon Best Selling Series Not suitable for under 18's as there are adult themes, explicit scenes and some mild horror. Giving her Guardian the slip has never been a problem for Beth. Even for a wolf, she is wicked fast and almost impossible to track. Then she meets Gareth, her new Guardian. Gareth is ruggedly handsome, unfailingly stubborn, and seems determined to sniff Beth out, no matter where she runs. After a disastrous night of passion with Gareth, Beth has no choice but to put herself forward for mating. Although, it's not just Gareth that has his eye on this female. Donovan, a wolf from a neighboring pack , has his own reasons for wanting this she-wolf, and when Beth makes the wrong choice, she finds out exactly what happens when you're "thrown to the wolves". Secrets are revealed and choices are made. Will love conquer all, or destroy everything Beth has ever known?