Can't Text This by Teagan Hunter

This is one of those books I dove into without having read the previous novels in the series. It can be read as a standalone, but like me, you will want to go back and read the previous novels. This book was hilarious and swoon worthy. I never knew I could love having texting in a book so much. I laughed SO HARD page after page. Also, this is one of the few novels that I loved every single character in. I swear Teagan can't write a character I hate. Her main characters and the secondary in this book are everything. You will want books for each one very one of them. A romcom to win them all. I legitimately laughed out loud while reading this. It was fantastic. Plus, again, it had all the swoon I could take.



"Hi Monty. Wanna see my python?” That’s how I ended up in the bathroom of some dive bar with a stranger. Me, Monty Andrews, the quintessential virgin girl next door. I was so out of my element, but there was no denying our explosive attraction, even via text. Commence Operation Bang Each Other Out of Our Systems, because that was all it was—unfinished business. I had no intention of falling back into the sheets with the tattooed, muscly, dirty-in-the-best-kind-of-way single dad over and over again…but I did. Everything was going great—until we discovered I was his son’s teacher. This book does feature characters from Let's Get Textual & I Wanna Text You Up but can be read as a standalone, as the book does not follow the same timeline.