Changing Destiny by Brandy L Rivers (Others Of Seattle #4)




I am on a Brandy Rivers binge if you haven't caught on. This girl can WRITE and I just can't get enough. I can't believe I let myself get so far behind on novels that I love so much. Shame on me. Okay. Changing Destiny. SO GOOD!! I loved being back in Seattle with this gang.


Okay. I know you are JUST as excited about his novel as I am. We get more of Scotty and Jayde's story!

Though Scotty is in love with Jayde, Saressa will NOT let up! This girl is nuts. I kind of felt sorry for her for a little while there. She loves him in her own twisted way. This is a story of second chances, about defying all the odds and going for love. This may have been Brandy's best page turner yet.

The vivid writing and breathtaking descriptions allow for this book to create a clear picture for you from start to finish. The culmination of things going on really make for a suspenseful and exciting read that left me on my toes at the end. Don't miss this fantastic read!!


One decision can alter your destiny. The nymph every woman desired swept Jayde off her feet, but an oath put Scotty in Saressa’s path. To protect Jayde, he did everything in his power to keep her from Saressa’s wicked clutches. Years later—and finally free—Scotty catches a glimpse of Jayde. After everything he put her through he struggles with the decision to mend their broken love… or let her go. Convinced she had been wrong about Scotty and their future, Jayde has moved on. An old friend pushes them together, but her heart has been battered. With her hold on Scotty broken, Saressa will stop at nothing to regain control. In an effort to convince Jayde she’s the only one, Scotty must rebuild the happiness stolen from them both. Or will Saressa change destiny once again?follow