Charming by Rene Folsom and Juli Valenti


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

SO I am going to need one of these adventures Post Haste. Yep. Another fantastic serial in this great series. I can't get enough. For under a dollar it is TOTALLY worth the money and my time. There is something about a series that centers around a married couple that just does it for me. Sometimes I just need the AFTER part of the Happily Ever After. This is what that is. Honest and real. They are little stories about a married couple and how much they are in love. Nothing crazy, nothing unpredictable, but still completely enjoyable. All about the love. That is what this series is. This serial is all about the happy and I ADORED it. I can't wait for the next installment.


charmingadjective – extremely pleasing or delightful While men tend to be infuriatingly unromantic at times, they occasionally surprise us by showing their charisma. The idea of Prince Charming doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, a fact proven to me when my husband pulls out all the stops and takes me on a journey every woman dreams of. With no obvious reason as to why, Josh treats me to a very special day, followed by an evening full of passion sure to charm the panties off any unsuspecting wife. My name is Cari, and these stories are just some of the Favorite Things my husband and I love about each other. Warning: Charming is part of the Favorite Things series, a set of erotic short stories that stand alone for your reading enjoyment and include sexual content meant for adult readers 18+.