Chase Series by Cassia Leo

Chase 4 stars



This book contains the first mini-series in the Power Player Series. Each mini-series features a different power player. Follow presidential candidate Chase Underwood and former escort Larissa Jacobs' sensual and tumultuous journey from beginning to end.

My Review:

These books were a quick and interesting read. They follow Chase and Larissa as they battle the polls to be together. Larissa is hired by Chase as a escort and he immediately falls for her. She is then hired by him to work for his campaign and be his lover. They face a lot of difficulties and have a lot of things they need to accomplish to be together in the end. I thought both the characters were super interesting and I really like getting to read their story start to finish. I Loved Chase and Larissa both as I said. I felt like Chase really did all he could given the circumstances to make things work with Larissa, though there were some parts where I just wanted to scream idiot at him. I did feel as though you didn't really get to know him though. There wasn't a whole lot of character development where he was concerned. Larissa on the other hand I thought need to grow a bit of a backbone and stand up for what she wanted. When she finally took some steps for herself I thought she was a great character. With the series/books being as sort as they were I felt like it was a little short for how much was packed into the books, hence the 4 and not 5 stars. It made is hard to get deep into the stories like I do most times. But it was a great series to be able to read and enjoy. The plot was interesting and the series wasn't your run of the mill. I would definitely recommend it for a read :) For $4.99 your really paying about 1.25 a book. Totally worth it in my opinion :D