Chasing Clouds by Kathryn Andrews

I absolutely loved the premise of this novel anti was twice as good as I could have hoped it would be! I mean I should have known because it was a Kathryn Andrews novel but I wasn't prepared and it was fantastic.

Also, three words: Chocolate Covered Gummybears.

She had me at that scene. I mean they are my favorite.

But really. These characters, I loved both of them from the very beginning. I loved their strength and personalities and they were such fun to get lost in a book with!

I felt like I was lost in a romcom movie that simultaneously brought all the feels. I will read everything this author writes. It was brilliant.

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Reid Jackson
I’m a simple guy. There are only two things I love: my family and playing professional football.

I may not understand why people get married, but I’d go anywhere for my brother, even his friend Camille’s wedding. Once I’m there, I realize our Bronx upbringing leaves me unprepared for the world of old southern money. Over twenty-four hours, I see scandal, threats, and lies. It's a life I don’t relate to, and a place I never want to belong. But when the minister asks if anyone objects, I shock not only myself, but the beautiful bride when I stand up and say, “I do.” I don’t know her. She doesn’t know me. But deep down, I knew I had to make that move.

Camille Whitley
As a political socialite in the South, nothing about my life is simple.

I’ve always known that one day I’d be standing at the altar, about to marry a man I don’t love. In Savannah, family expectations and appearances are everything, but none of it’s real. I hate what I’ve become, and dream of being free. So when a sudden opportunity presents itself in the form of a stranger with captivating green eyes, I find myself asking, “What’s best for me?” My fiancé or the stranger? The plan or the unknown? I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me. But if I’m going to make a move, it’s now or never.