Chasing Memories by Ellie Wade

I got this novel in a surprise box to celebrate the Kindle World for Kelly Elliot. First I was caught by the gorgeous cover, and second I was captivated by the synopsis. I was blown away by this book. SUCH a cool idea and beautifully executed. It was inventive and emotional and truly just a fun ride to be on. Truly though, this novel brings all the feels and all the emotions. Such a compelling storyline and a character that you fall in love with from the start. I swear I hurt just as much as Mia did reading this. Then there was Aiden. I just can't even find the words. This couple was IT guys and without the sass, the struggle was a real thing in this book. What if you woke up and the life you knew was gone, quite literally? This novel was a super fun love story with a twist in its telling that I didn't see coming.

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What if you found him, the one who was put on this earth for you? He was your perfect partner, your soul mate. Your life with him was more than you could have ever hoped for. The two of you created an amazing family full of so much love. I did. And it was everything. Then, one day, I woke up, and he was gone. They were all gone. I can’t accept it. I’m stuck in a reality that isn’t mine, aching for the life I lost, one that made up the very fabric of my soul. How do I find my future when my past won’t stop pulling me under? I’m drowning, struggling to breathe in this existence where nothing makes sense. It might be crazy, and I might be as well. But if you’d experienced the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime love, you’d be chasing memories, too. ***This is a standalone*** ***Intended for readers 18+ due to sexual content***