Clay's Hope by Melissa Haag


5 HUGE Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I am not typically a fan of POV change books. I like the story the first time I read it and then when I go back and get it from the second POV it tends to feel repetitive. Melissa has changed my tune. This novel was a wild ride and felt like a completely new story. The fact that Clay remains Mute for 90% of the book definitely helped. Going into this novel we had the hopes that we would get into his head and we most certainly did.
Each of Melissa’s novels crafts a world that you want to get lost in. The character development is above par and the pollen is intriguing and driving. I can never seem to take my time and savor the novel. It is like a compulsion. The moment you start, you know you HAVE to finish it.
Now, let us talk a little about Clay. My goodness I didn’t think I would love him more then I already did, but I do. Finding out the inner happenings of his head, as well as all the things that went on behind the scenes gave you such a deeper appreciation for this man. Day in and day out I wanted to just scream when he was misunderstood, or when he was taking one reaction to mean another. I can’t imagine living as he had lived and then being thrown into this situation. He was the perfect candidate for this story and this novel really gave you the full scope of that.
Throw in getting that extra bit of the story line we didn’t have and this novel sealed it for me. I really hope that Melissa goes forwards and writes the other POV’s. I feel that it would really round out the series and prepare us completely for the grand finale. I need more!