Close by Laurelin Paige

Sometimes I need a read that is not only steamy, but also has me laughing with the characters. This one? This is one of those. I can always count on Laurelin to bring it all with her reads and this one was all that and a cherry on top.

I love all of the tropes thrown into this read. The age difference, the rockstar, actress, ALL OF IT. This read was HOT guys. I mean absolutely HOT. Natalie and Nick, guys, they were explosive. From the first time they interact, it is combustion. What starts as just some great sex between these two, turns into so much more before each of them have any idea. I can't wait to get more form this world and these characters!

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Everyone wants to get close to a rock star. The bright lights. The music. Those talented fingers strumming… a guitar. Everyone wants to bang a rock star. So why do I keep running from the one who wants me? I’m America’s Sweetheart. I have a reputation. He’s a boy-band icon turned rock god. I’m vanilla. He’s every flavor of bad. And he’s much, much too young for me. If I end up in Nick Ryder’s bed, my career and I will both be screwed. ...but that’s only if I’m caught.