Cloud Shifters by Katie Pottle

cloud shifters


5 Stars

Favorite Quote: "Crazy enough to try it - yes. Stupid enough to turn it into a swan dive so that everybody would know that he did icon purpose - no. He pretended to trip."

I LOVED this novel. I came across it oddly enough, at my sons Taekwondo class. One of his instructors is the author! So of course I HAD to read it. Best. Decision. Ever. This novel was an easy read that enveloped me into its world right from the start. The story itself in this novel is original and very gripping. It is a YA fantasy novel that takes place in a world above our own. It takes place in a world that I wish I could visit. The development was exceptional enough that you honestly felt like you were living the story as you read it. You could picture each and every place visited as you read, as well as envision the characters at these places. Oh and the characters! I adored these characters! From the very start they were so unbelievably realistic that you swear you had met these meddlesome kids before. I definitely saw parts of my son in a few of them. The best kind of novel can have you shaking your head as you read because you KNOW that the things that are happening could happen with any teen we know. Well, not ALL the mischief they get into, but their mannerisms and antics. This also goes for the adults you encounter. They are great! I am in love with the teachers and can't help but want to know more about them! cs1 With this being the first book in the series, you get just enough of each of the characters to fall in love, but not enough to satisfy the want for their backstories and all of their secrets. Cadin, Lep, Sun, and the rest of their fearsome gang were perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about them. For a reader like me that doesn't often read YA novels, this was a highly enjoyable read. I found that I didn't miss the romance or adult aspects of my normal reads like I typically do. This novel had my attention and it didn't falter at all. If you are a fan of a good YA that is Just enough fantasy, but not crazy, this is the book for you. It is an easy read and totally appropriate for young readers. I couldn't get enough. BONUS! You get a free game! Check out the super fun game that goes with the book!


High above Earth the young angels of the Cloud Land of Glade are preparing for another school year. For Cadin and his best friend Lep, this means leaving middle school and entering Commons High School where they must choose a Path. In a year where they already have to worry about homework and their Auras emerging, a challenge for Warrior Path angels opens to new students for the first time in the history of the Games. Follow Cadin’s journey through this vivid new land as he gathers an unorthodox team of young angels who must earn challenging arm badges as the first step in securing a spot in the Calvarian Games. Along the way, friendships grow and his character is tested as Cadin learns that his unique abilities make him either a weapon or a target in a looming war. Which path will he choose? Special Bonus: Free download instructions for the Official Cloud Shifters Xbox One / Windows 10 video game in each copy.