Coming Together by Brandy L Rivers (Others of Seattle #5)



review Another fantastic paranormal romance from Brandy. We jump back to the Others of Seattle with this novel and I felt like it was coming home again. Funny I also feel that way with Edenton. There characters have become like family after so many novels. Love it. This novel follows Jackie and Eddie. Refresh yourself with them because they haven't exactly been front and center, but don't worry they are now and you aren't going to want them to leave. Throw in Stefano and things get crazy fast. I love a story that has a bit of chaos to it. I feel like that is real and the raw emotions and reactions that go with it make for a great read. Brandy has a talent for capturing true reactions to situations. It is one of the things I love most about her writing. Eddie has a hard choice to make and watching him do it and truly admit how he feels was a ride. The same goes for Jackie. She had choices to make and realities to face. With both of them throwing everything to the wind, you weren't board for even a second with this novel. Fall in love with book five in the Others of Seattle series. synopsis Chaos can drive people together or apart. Jackie Oceans is evolving through major life changes. Her best friend is finally moving his life forward and she’s attempting to let him go. Her power has risen to the surface, leaving her no choice but accept the truth. And now a charming vampire Stefano D’Angelo has taken an interest. Eddie Swiftclaw has been saying he’s going to propose for months. Problem is, he’s not in love with his intended fiancé. His surfacing power further complicates matters. Jackie seems to be everything Stefano has been missing since his wife passed away centuries ago. He can’t decide if it’s her resemblance to Eloise, or her true nature, that lures him. In the end, does it even matter? Everything comes crashing down with the introduction of a new threat in Seattle. Jackie and Eddie will learn things they never expected. Will his loss and her new admirer push them together, or drive them apart? follow